Monday, April 28, 2008

31) Denomination

2 oz. Bar Sol Pisco
.25 oz Lime Juice
.75 oz. Pineapple Juice
Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Add all ingredients except the Ginger Beer to a shaker with ice. Shake till chilled, strain into a Collins glass filled with ice, and top with the Ginger Beer.

Holy crap, we're back with a real live drink!

Ed and I got this idea from a drink that David Nepove whipped up for Ed last week at Cantina. With a sudden appearance of some stunning weather, it seemed like it was a good time to shoot for a refreshing, tall drink that would make for some fine sipping. I initially pushed for Bourbon seeing as, well, I think everything should be made with bourbon. Ed was having none of it however - He thought the Bourbon wouldn't really work too well with the pineapple and ginger beer. It was a long, tense standoff which only ended when he said, "What about Pisco?".

The initial iteration of the drink contained .5 oz. each of the lime and pineapple juice. The result wasn't too bad, but the lime in that quantity made it a bit too tart, and dulled the pineapple flavor a bit too much. On the plus side, the Pisco came through well which we thought might be a problem as Bundaberg is a rather potent ginger beer. We lowered the lime, and upped the pineapple - The result was a much more well balanced drink. Somewhat surprisingly, the Pisco and ginger beer made for a really nice combination.

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Rob said...

Sounds pretty darned taste-ish. There's a simple recipe for ginger beer in one of the old Jamie Oliver books, if you want to control that part of the bevvy as well. (Of course, alter the recipe by a) making a simple syrup instead of just pouring the sugar on top and b) ignoring the creepily British instruction involving mint.)

drinkaweek said...

Well, you know how the British are. I kid! I love your spotted dick. Zing! Sorry.

Actually I have been thinking about trying this:

And am more encouraged as I am thinking about making a trip out to the brew store cause I'm starting to wonder what a hop infused vodka might be like.

Somebody needs to stop me.