Friday, May 16, 2008

Beat the Heat, The Caipirinha Way!

Many San Franciscans carry a dark, binary secret - They are terrified of rain, and thoroughly befuddled by heat. In those times in which temperatures climb past the 75 degree mark, a mark etched in cold flames across Mount Sutro by the elder Gods themselves, an eldritch confusion begins to settle on many of the populace. At its worst people will find themselves incapable of speaking of anything other than the obviously enraged day ball - The source of great suffering. Their will is crushed.

"Hey man, is your mom still in the hospital? How are you holding up?"
"Can you believe how fucking hot it is today?"
"I know!"

Those fellow drink geeks who dabble in the mystifying realm of beer make haste to wrap themselves in the gentle, loving arms of classic summer beers. Those of us, however, who follow a more spirituous path, seek succor within the cool shade of cocktails created to beat the heat. The undisputed reigning king of cool down drinks is, of course, the Mint Julep. A fine drink indeed (though Ed continues to claim that he doesn't like mint in his bourbon. Because he's crazy), but I was nevertheless on a different quest to beat the 90-degree-why-is-this-happening-to-me heat as I shambled towards Cantina wondering if it was worth the pain to rip the beard off my face.

I knew that my salvation rested in Brazil's national cocktail. A work of elegant genius. The Caipirinha.

3oz. Cachaça
1 teaspoon sugar
1 lime (quartered)

In an Old Fashioned glass muddle the lime and the sugar until the sugar is fully dissolved. Add the Cachaça and ice, and stir till chilled.

All apologies to the Mint Julep, but this is the drink that's keeping me cool these days.

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