Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obesello Absinthe Vert

A while back, We got an e-mail from a representative of Obesello Absinthe asking us if we would be interested in being sent a bottle to try out. Why, yes -- Yes we would. Like most other Americans, Absinthe is new to us due to its recently legal status 'round these parts, so getting our hands on yet another bottle to add to those which we have had so far was a-ok with us. Ed isn't actually much of an anise fan, so it was left up to me to give this stuff a whirl. My life? It is so hard.

I first tried it neat -- The anise was huge (as one might expect) , with a lingering, sweet follow up. Past the anise punch were hints of mint and vanilla. Not surprisingly, sans water it's a big punch of heat and flavor -- Definitely asking for a little bit of water to open it up. With the water, there is a beautiful opalescent louche. Opened up, the botanicals come out to play with the anise -- The flavors cling to the tongue like I used to cling to my He-Man action figure.

I also wanted to give the Obesello a whirl in a cocktail to see how it would mix. My first thought was to try it in one of my favorites, the Sazerac. I decided that it might be more fun to try it out in something different, just for kicks. I ran on over to the always handy Cocktail DB and came across the Yellow Daisy. I had encountered this drink before and thought it would be a good one to take the Obesello for a ride.

Yellow Daisy
1.5 oz. Gin
.5 oz. Dry Vermouth
.25 oz. Grand Marnier
.25 oz. Obesello

The Gin and Absinthe were quite dominant, and it seemed to me that .25 oz. of Absinthe called for is a bit much. However, as the drink had time to rest, a bit more balance developed. The notes of the Grand Marnier asserted themselvs a bit more, and I feel the rounding out effects of the vermouth.

Overall, I like this entry into the Absinthe market. I still fall into the camp of 'if you can only have one Absinthe' choose St. George, but as people begin to take advantige of of the Absinthe craze, and churn out crap, Obesello is a well crafted, worhty entry to the market. Well worth giving a try if you get the chance.

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Anonymous said...

When I first tried Obsello, I didn't know what to expect. An Absinthe form Spain with only 50% alcohol??? But man, was I pleasantly surprised! Smooth and mellow yet all the tastes and aromas of a great absinthe. I would highly recommend Obsello especially to those who may find that the higher proofs have a little "bite".