Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And this would be?

With a blog titled "Drink A Week", you're probably thinking that this is the place for all your octothorpe information needs. Well you'd be wrong! This is a bold new future, with bold new creamy ranch flavors!

But I digress.

My friend Ed (surprise, he's a bartender) had the good fortune to attend Gary Regan's cocktail class in New York, and returned a cocktail advocate of almost annoying proportions. Of course, when I recently went to New York myself I had him give me a list of places to go. After visiting places such as Pegu, Bemelmans at the Carlyle, and Employees Only I returned a cocktail fiend myself.

Upon my return and visiting Ed at work we decided to see if we could whip up our own cocktail. The result was a rousing success and a blast to create. It didn't take long before we decided that I would come by on Sunday's that we might work on our own cocktail creations. With a couple of cocktails under our gullets it seemed to me that the fun we were having creating these - picking apart the ingredients, figuring out what worked and what was missing - might be of interest to two or three others out there.

I will shortly be posting our initial creations along with notes on our process. Following that I should have a new entry each week.

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