Friday, September 28, 2007

Link Mania!

Since I was so lazy last week in the posting arena I thought I'd dazzle you all with even more content. In the form of links! Content with me not having to actually work! Also, exclamation marks!

The Old Fashioned - Robert Hess has been doing a great series of videos about all cocktails for a while now, and his most recent video was about the Old Fashioned. This is one of my favorite drinks, and other than the Martini it's one of the most abused drinks I know of. Robert gives a great little history of the drink then shows how to do it right. Just to reiterate cause it's my biggest pet peeve - Soda water should even be in the same room as an Old Fashioned.

The state of the state of cocktails - A fantastic treatise on not only the scourge of Vodka, but the overall state of the American tradition of the cocktail.

Gin rules! - From the same author of the above comes an elegant explanation as to not only why Martini's should always be made with Gin, but also why Vodka should have a minimal role in the world of cocktails.

Beer liqueur - Jamie Boudreau is the mad genius (well, I don't know if he's actually mad) at Seattle's famed Vessel. His blog is a must read, but his recent post about his home made beer liqueur was particularly intriguing. If I'm not careful I'm going to end up with a closet full of beer liqueurs.

DIY Gin - Jeffrey is currently tending bar in my home town of Eugene, Or. Per the city charter I am forced to believe therefore that he is surrounded by a radioactive cloud of awesome (I am also obliged to love the Ducks, complain loudly about urbanization, and insist that anything less than a monsoon-like downpour is "picnic weather"). Fortunately his blog is clear evidence that he is surrounded by a radioactive cloud of awesome (and makes it ever more imperative that I get home for a visit) so I don't have to fake it.

He recently took the saying that Gin is just an infused Vodka to the test by infusing his own Vodka in an attempt to make his own Gin sans distilling. I'll just add that to the list with beer liqueur on it. It'll be right after "add more shelf space".

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