Wednesday, January 23, 2008

25) The Wanting Cocktail

2 oz. Ed bartending his ass off because of football
1 oz. Me bar-backing my ass off to help him out because of football

Shake vigorously for seven hours in a small bar then stain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with tears of exhaustion.

So yeah, no drink this week because of stupid football. We did come up with a good sounding idea, but after the last time I just up and posted a recipe without us having actually trying it I think I'll just keep it off the horseless paper here until we can make sure it doesn't taste like crap.

While I've got you here - If you're ever at a busy bar and the bar-back tells you that he can't serve you cause, you know, he's just the bar-back, don't go on to beg them to just pour you one beer because you're oh so thirsty. Also, don't ask them if they can go get the bartender for you. Seriously.

To make up for it I should have a field trip report up sometime this week for your reading enjoyment. Or at least reading.

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