Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Link Mania!

And we're back. But not really. Some unusually busy weekends for Ed, and a bit of a bout of self-doubt regarding this endeavor that has been gripping my soul like the jaws of life has briefly slowed the booze-barge. Since, however, Ed and I think of you fondly, and drunk dial you often, we've got links! Hooray!

Ever wonder just why flaming orange zest over your cocktail works? Thanks to my good friend Rob we now have science! With video! Video science!

Oh you kids and your crazy drinks!

I recently finally took a look at the cocktail menu at the recently opened Epic Roasthouse and have to say I'm pretty damn intrigued. Ed and I are hoping to get over there soon, and with any luck a field trip report. If you don't live in or around San Francisco this is sure to be the most boring link you'll see today. Sorry.

Tales Of The Cocktail! It's a bit too early to know if Ed and I are going to be able to make it down to New Orleans, but hopes are high. Judging from what I heard about last year's event this is the place to be if you are at all interested in cocktails.

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