Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Fate seems to be conspiring to prevent Ed and I from actually having time to make a drink. Never fear! To give sustenance to your precious eyeballs, there's this.

Last night Ed and I had the pleasure of attending a Plymouth Gin event at the venerable House of Shields. For those who don't know me, Plymouth Gin is one of my two favorite gins (the other is Junepero for those who are interested) and any chance to get close to my beloved is one I wouldn't miss.

Folks sipped and socialized for a bit - Then the real show began. Along with the local industry people, the event was being graced with the presence of David Wondrich. David Wondrich, he of Esquire Drinks fame, and the titan who recently penned the blog-o-orbs number one darling tome of the moment, Imbibe. As a person who also happens to have some sort of presence on this ether, I'll go ahead and join the crowd and tell you that if you don't have this book you really need to get it. Like now.

He saddled up behind the bar and began to hold forth on matters both Gin and prohibition. Sadly, I wasn't able to pay much attention. It seemed my excellent position at the bar also made me the perfect candidate to assist in the next batch of cocktails. So while Mr. Wondrich was talking, and others were listening, I was putting fifty twists in fifty drinks and handing them out to the revelers. Fortunately, my duties were finished by the time Mr. Wondrich pulled out the mugs.

It was Blue Blazer time! Watching a Blue Blazer made live nerded me out all the way. I was like a 13 year old girl at a Hannah Montana concert. Only I'm a 33 year old man. Who likes booze. A lot.

The whole affair was great fun even though I didn't get to socialize nearly as much as I wanted to, partly because I'm a wee bit of a shy one, and also because, sort of, technically speaking I wasn't supposed to be there. Thought it would be wise to keep a low profile and all.

The only really bad part of the night was that one the couple of occasions that I was able to speak to David, while he acquitted himself well as a gentleman and a scholar, I was the perfect daguerreotype of a feckless, blithering idiot. Go me!

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MetaGrrrl said...

I am terribly envious. (damn this broken foot, I'm missing too much of the fun!)