Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh. Hell. Yeah.

For those who haven't heard yet, San Francisco Cocktail Week is speeding this way like a booze fueled freight train covered with fluffy kittens. They've got a bit of a preview (.pdf) of the upcoming events, and I'm already pretty damn excited. A little insight as to my plans can be gleaned from the SFCW checklist I've just drawn up.

1) Take week off from work.

2) Acquire back-up liver.

3) Take out second mortgage on house.

4) Buy a house.

5) Acquire auxiliary back-up liver.

6) Learn how to pretend to know things about spirits and cocktails ("I'm a Boones Wild Island man myself. It's unfortunate so few people have the palate for its complexity. Though to be fair I suppose one must learn to crawl before one learns to walk, eh?").

7) Seems I'm developing a list fetish.


keith waldbauer said...

when you find out how to acquire an auxiliary liver, shoot me a line or a URL.... i needs one, especially after this mxmo and st. paddy's day....

Alex said...

Actually Keith, I was just planning on picking up a liver at the grocery store, taping it to my side, and hoping really hard that would somehow work. As for that last mxmo - I got a hangover just reading the entries. Truly awesome.