Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All Aboard the Wondrich Bandwagon!

The news has been racing around the cocktail blog-o-dome for the last couple of days, so this is probably not news to y'all, but cocktail guru and raconteur David Wondrich just took home the James Beard award for best wine and spirits writing for his book Imbibe.

Besides being a well deserved accolade for a very nice guy, I think this is a pretty good sign for the cocktail boom overall. My views on the boom can best be described as optimistically pessimistic (elaboration to come if the 1000 words I've currently got can coalesce into a cogent concept), but seeing Mr. Wondrich's book take the gold over two books covering wine makes me think that perhaps cocktails aren't on quite the shaky ground I tend to think they are. Hopefully this win will get more people reading the book, and gaining a better insight/respect for the mighty cocktail.

For any cocktail geek this is a fantastic resource, but it's also a great read for anybody. He never gets overly academic, and his frequently witty, almost conversational style is pretty much perfect. If you haven't already picked it up, it's not too late to redeem yourself!

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