Thursday, June 19, 2008


It has just come to my attention that Mudpuddle Books is currently offering several reprints of great vintage cocktail books. This is huge news to those of us not in a position to shell out the dough required to get our grubby hands of a copy of these lost gems.

One of the first things any cocktail geek begins to eye (well, maybe after stocking up the liquor cabinet) are books. Books that go beyond just being a laundry list of recipes (though I love me my Difford's), and act as historical sign posts to where our beloved quaffs came from. As I have been increasingly interested in really digging into the past (thanks in no small part to this guy) to be better informed of the present, I can't wait to spend me a paycheck on these invaluable works.

Hmmm -- Think I'm gonna need another paycheck.

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