Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's the Sound of One Hand Drinking Beer?

I suppose it's time to talk about that American wild ale tasting I recently mentioned. Fortunately for my one hand (the last two weeks have been filled with some of the least erotic one handed typing of my life) there are write-ups here (by the man behind the plan, Rob), here, and here! For the intensely interested, be sure to check out the menu/notes right 'round these parts. Of course, since I long ago shot brevity in the face over a land dispute, I've got to give some of my own beer ignorant impressions.

-- The food was all around fantastic, but the way Rob paired it with the beers was perfect. My favorite beer of the day was the Allagash Interlude, in large part because of Rob's matching it up with delicious, delicious cured meats. The fat from the meat cut the sour, and tamed the carbonation allowing for the full rich flavor of the beer to come out from behind the funk.

-- Being a friend of Rob, other beer enthusiasts tend to think I know a goddamned thing about beer. This is not true. I believe the most technical terms I used during the day were "fucking" and "delicious". Fertile ground for a cocktail geek to feel alienated, but the crew who was there was an insanely welcoming lot.

-- Listening to two beer enthusiasts argue about the difference between a cask and a keg is hilarious.

-- At the end of the tasting, having polished off all the beer, JJ admitted to having brought a small bottle of Angel’s Share. I had never heard of this beer, but the bulging eyes, and childlike giggling it wasn't hard to figure out that it was a special bottle. I offered to stay out of the tasting, as its full power would have been lost on me, but the kids were having none of it. Thank God for that, because sweet Jesus! It was a full steam punch of amazing in a glass. So good just opening the bottle made Lil Baby Pfiff cry. If you come across this, buy as much as you can afford -- Then a few more bottles.

Keep your eyes open for the next one coming soon. Right Rob? Huh? Yeah, you love it!

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cristina said...

I first had Allagash beer when I was living on the east coast and took a trip to Vermont/New Hampshire. I wasn't able to find it in NYC, where I lived, but was thrilled to come back home and find it at the BevMo. Their white ale makes me very happy.

drinkaweek said...

Allagash fans unite! I fear I am one step closer to another hobby I can't afford.