Friday, September 12, 2008

38) Velvet Seal

1 oz. Goslings Black Seal Rum
1 oz. Laird's Bonded Applejack
.5 oz. Rhum Clément Creole Shrubb
.5 oz. lemon juice
.5 oz John D. Taylor's Velvet Falernum
2 dashes Fee Bros. Peach Bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a Collins glass over fresh ice.

This one started mostly due to some recent experiences/things I've read about the way in which Applejack seems to play very nicely with other spirits. It was a rather warm day a while back when I dropped by the bar (I know I'm behind. One handed here!). Ed and I were very much feeling in a summer mood, and it seemed a summer kind of drink was going to be the order of the day. Ed was down for the Black seal as he thought it would do a good job at standing up to the Applejack. Which it did.

Not bad at all. In the first iteration we left out the bitters -- They definitely made the drink so we'd recommend not leaving them out. They can be a bit hard to find, but thanks to the power of the internet you can find them at Kegworks. Failing all that, we wouldn't poke you in the eye if you used Peychaud's.

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